ADA and Public Transport

Ontario International Airport is committed to ensuring our airport services and facilities are accessible to every guest. Explore the resources below to learn more about the ways we accommodate those who need assistance getting to and from ONT.

Bus Services

Several public transportation companies transport travelers to and from ONT, and each company offers accessible options in accordance with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Some transportation services, like Omnitrans, offer transportation to and from fixed bus stops. If you require this service, ask the service provider for additional information.

ONT Airport Shuttles

All ONT Airport Shuttles that travel within the airport grounds are wheelchair-accessible.

If you’re planning your next trip through Ontario International Airport, learn more about the services we provide passengers with disabilities. Read about Disability Services at ONT for information on parking, elevator locations, Service Animal guidelines, and more.

Curbside Check-Ins

No matter how you arrive at Ontario International Airport, airline staff can help you with curbside drop-off and check-in. Each airline is responsible for providing assistance to their passengers with disabilities, so contact your airline’s reservation desk to request a wheelchair and/or curbside assistance. We recommend calling a minimum of 72 hours in advance to reserve wheelchair service. Curbside service availability may vary due to flight schedules and other factors.

Pick-Up & Drop-Off

Pick-Up and Drop-Off locations have handicap accessible areas at every terminal. Note, parking is not allowed in these areas.


Designated disability-accessible parking is available in all parking lots. Click here for more information on parking.

Taxicab Services

Bell Cab, the taxi company that serves the airport area DOES NOT have wheelchair-accessible taxis.

Please consider using a Ride-Share service or paratransit service.

Paratransit Service

OMNITRANS is the public transportation provider serving Ontario International Airport (ONT).  Before using OMNITRANS, individuals have to register with OMNITRANS at Once approved, the individual can use the paratransit service. 
After the individual has been approved, they can arrange for pick-up at ONT.  OMNITRANS will take the individual and their companion to their destination within the Omnitrans service area.

OMNITRANS paratransit reservations number is: (800) 990-2404


OMNITRANS will take the individual and their companion to Montclair Transit Station where you will have to call Access Services (operates in Los Angeles County). Access Services will transport you to your destination. The process will be reversed when traveling from Los Angeles County to ONT.

Note:  Make certain you register with Access Services before your trip.