Parking Terms & Conditions

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These terms and conditions apply to parking lot bookings made on the official Ontario International Airport website ( or

When booking a product on these websites, you will be contracting with either: Transportation Network Services (TNS) or Parking Concepts Incorporated (PCI) (“Vendors”).

Please read these terms and conditions through carefully.



1.1 These terms and conditions ("Terms") apply to all bookings for services made via the two websites noted above, and you will be provided with a copy of these terms when you complete your pre-book parking reservation, and it is that version of our terms and conditions that applies to your purchase. These Terms may be revised from time to time without notice. Please read these Terms carefully. It is your responsibility to regularly check these Terms each time prior to the use of the websites. If you are dissatisfied with any of the terms and conditions in these Terms, your sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue using any parking services at the Airport, including the websites.


By clicking on a link to any information provided on the websites, you will be deemed to have acknowledged and agreed as follows: (1) you understand the provisions of and agree to all of the Terms; (2) you will not distribute any information provided on the websites except in its entirety; (3) you will not forward, distribute or otherwise use any information provided on the websites, including by hyperlink thereto, without including the text of this legal disclaimer and Terms; (4) your use of the websites and the information provided on them shall conform to all applicable laws and regulations; and (5) you shall not violate the rights, including any intellectual property or other rights in or to the information provided on the websites, of Ontario International Airport Authority (OIAA) and any third-parties. In no event may you sell any information provided on these websites.


Choice of Law

1.2 Construction of these Terms and resolution of disputes regarding such provisions are governed by the laws of the State of California. The laws of the State of California shall apply to all uses of the websites and the information provided in the websites. Any action or proceeding involving these Terms shall be brought in the Superior Court of San Bernardino County or the United District Court for the Central District of California.

1.3 The official Ontario International Airport website is owned and operated by the Ontario International Airport Authority (“OIAA” or “Authority”) which is located at 1923 East Avion St., Ontario, California 91761. You may not modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit or distribute in any way any material from this site including code and software. You may download material from this site for your personal, non-commercial use only, provided you keep intact all copyright and other proprietary notices.

1.4 In these Terms, references to "the Airport" are references to: Ontario International Airport. In these Terms "you" and "your" refer to the person who makes a booking for our services and "we" and "us" refers to the OIAA and/or Vendors, as described above. By booking parking service you agree to be bound by these Terms.

1.5 The Airport reserves the right, without notice, to amend the specification of the products or services presented on this site and to discontinue any product or service and all bookings are subject to this right.

1.6 The Airport reserves the right to change these Terms at any time, but once you have made a booking the Terms that apply are those which were on the website at the time of booking. We recommend that you always read these Terms before booking to ensure that you accept them.

1.7 These Terms, along with all other relevant terms and conditions that are referred to in these Terms and any other terms referred throughout the booking process (including those available online from third party operators), constitute the entire agreement between you and the Airport with respect to the sale of the relevant services.

1.8 Parking is available on a first come, first serve basis and is subject to availability. The OIAA and Vendors reserve the right, if prevented from supplying the pre-book parking for any reason, to cancel your booking reservation or at our option provide a suitable alternative parking location at no extra charge. We will attempt to provide as much notice as is possible. Where this is not possible, or alternative parking is not available, we will cancel the booking reservation and refund the payment received for the booking to the credit/debit card used for payment, but will not be responsible for any other costs, which you may incur as a result.

1.9 The OIAA and Vendors are only supplying you with pre-book parking and will not be responsible for any costs, compensation or expenses relating to any flights or other services that you may have arranged. You are responsible for ensuring that you allow sufficient time for parking, transfer to terminal, airport procedures (including but not limited to checking–in and security) and any subsequent flight/travel arrangements. Please refer to section 10 for further detail regarding shuttle service and recommended transfer times.

1.10 No person has any authority to vary or alter these Terms and Conditions unless such variation is in writing, signed by the OIAA Chief Executive Officer, or designee.

1.11 Although we attempt to provide our customers with a satisfactory service, should you have any complaints, please email [email protected].

1.12 Should you need to contact us in regard to your parking reservation, please call Parking Concepts Incorporated (PCI) at 909-937-1240 or email [email protected].


Your Booking

2.1 Bookings can be made only by persons aged 18 years or over and have the legal capacity to do so under applicable law. By using the service or website, you represent and warrant that you have the legal capacity to enter into and abide by all Terms.

2.2 You are making a booking reservation for the car parking product at that Airport (or in the vicinity of that Airport) as described on the websites for the dates and times confirmed in the online booking process and set out in your booking confirmation. The date of the booking reservation is the date of confirmation of the booking by email. Your booking is only valid for the designated lot you chose during the booking process. Any additional charges incurred as a result of non-compliance with entry/exit instructions or use of a different lot will not be refunded.

2.3 Bookings must be made at least 2 hours prior to your arrival time at the Airport. All bookings are subject to availability and the OIAA and/or Vendors reserve the right to withdraw availability at their entire discretion for a given date.

2.4 When you pre-book parking via our website, you will be given a unique booking reference number. You will need this if you want to make any changes to your booking.

2.5 You must not resell or transfer any booking (in whole or in part). Any such resale or transfer shall render the booking null and void and will not be refunded.

2.6 The price you pay is the price accepted and confirmed to you during the online or phone booking process. All prices are in dollars (USD) and include all applicable taxes. The price you pay is fixed for the duration of your stay in the lot. The booking is valid for a single entry and exit during the dates you have booked.

2.7 A height restriction of 9 feet 6 inches applies to all lots presented on the Airport sites.



3.1 Payment must be made in advance and online. Payment may be made using one of the payment methods set out on the websites. We reserve the right not to fulfill your booking if your card is declined for any reason, if the payment card has been used fraudulently or without the cardholder's permission, or if you are under the age of 18.

3.2 When you have completed your booking, having provided all of the necessary details, we will send you email confirmation of your booking. You are responsible for supplying a valid email address and we cannot be held responsible for non-delivery due to transmission failure or an incorrect address details provided by you.


Cancellations and Amendments

4.1 You can cancel the booking by contacting Vendors at least 6 hours’ notice prior to your arrival time and date, subject to payment of a cancellation fee (please see below). You will receive email confirmation of the cancellation. Any bookings canceled within 6 hours of the parking arrival date will not be refunded.

4.2 You can cancel/amend your booking by visiting the websites you used to book and follow the online instructions. You can also click “Manage Booking” in your confirmation email to cancel/amend your reservation.

4.3 In the event of any problems, you may alternatively cancel by calling our Customer Contact Center at the number stated at paragraph 1.12 above. Operating hours are 24/7/365.

4.4 Bookings made less than 6 hours before departure cannot be canceled and are non-refundable unless cancellation protection has been purchased. No refunds will be given for unused reservations not canceled in accordance with these Terms.

4.5 Cancellation protection may be purchased for $1.00 at the time of booking your reservation. With this protection, you will not be subject to the $7.50 administration charge if you need to cancel your reservation prior to your entry date/ time. You may cancel up to the minute before your reservation entry time with the purchase of the cancellation protection. Reservations cannot be canceled and are non-refundable after the entry time on the reservation. No refunds will be given for unused reservations not canceled in accordance with these Terms.

4.6 Cancellation of bookings at special discounted rates and certain promotional products will be specified on the booking page of our websites and in your booking confirmation email.

4.7 Where you are permitted to cancel a booking, a $7.50 administration charge will be levied and deducted from the refunded amount.

4.8 No refund will be given for any days booked and left unused, if you make any other changes after your arrival date, or if you do not use your booking, unless you have amended/canceled at least 6 hours prior to the arrival time and date.

4.9 If the OIAA or Vendors cancel your booking for a reason within their direct control and not due to an event beyond their control (see Section 11 below) then you will be refunded the amount received from your pre-booking on the card on which payment was made.

4.10 Where you want to reduce the number of days in your booking, the Airport must receive notice of your change to your booking at least 6 hours before your arrival date and time.

4.11 If you do not give the required advance notice as stated, no refund will be given or if the change requires additional parking days to those indicated in your booking you will be required to pay the full daily rate from time to time of the relevant lot.


Entry/Exit Procedures

5.1 You must enter/exit the parking lot following the instructions provided to you in your e-mail confirmation and on the pre-book parking confirmation page.

5.2 Your booking is only valid for your designated lot on the specified dates. Any additional charges incurred as a result of non-compliance with entry/exit instructions or use of a different lot will be payable upon exit of the lot and will not be refunded.


Parking Lot Conditions of Use

6.1 You acknowledge that you enter into the booking reservation and use the parking facilities on the basis of these Terms. You agree to hold harmless and indemnify Vendors, the OIAA, the OIAA Commission, each member of the Commission, the OIAA’s employees, officers, directors, agents, successors, assigns, and authorized volunteers (collectively, “Indemnitees”) for any act or omission on your part, or on the part of your passengers, while using the websites, the parking facilities at the Airport, or for any losses Indemnitees may suffer with respect to any breach of these Terms, including but not limited to Overstay charges (defined below) and charges for breaching the parking lot terms including leaving the lot without paying any unpaid charges which are due for the reservation.

6.2 Lots are priced per calendar day. If a customer stays up to 6 hours beyond the exit time specified during the booking process, you will not be charged an additional fee. If, however, you leave the parking lot more than 6 hours after the exit time specified at time of booking you will be charged an “Overstay” charge.

6.3 Overstay charges will assume the rate of the lot your car is parked in. ONT parking lot rates can be found at

The Overstay charge must be paid in full before you leave the lot. Please note that this extra charge applies irrespective of the reason for your delayed return to the lot, unless your delayed return is caused by the negligence of the Airport.

6.4 All vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk. When you have parked your vehicle, it is your responsibility to:

  • Lock your vehicle securely;
  • Fully close all windows of your vehicle;
  • Apply your handbrake properly, if necessary;
  • Do not leave any animal or person in your vehicle;
  • Remove your possessions and ensure that any possessions you decide to leave in your vehicle are placed in a secure area and are not on display.

6.5 The OIAA and Vendors are not responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever occurring to your vehicle or possessions within it resulting from your failure to do these things. The OIAA and Vendors do not accept any valuables or other articles for safe keeping or custody.

6.6 Where CCTV cameras are installed in the lots they are used to assist in the proper running of the lot. The CCTV cameras may also act as a deterrent to criminal activity. However, the OIAA and Vendors do not make any representation or warranty as to the extent of coverage provided by the cameras and no guarantee is given as to the security of your vehicle in lots where CCTV is installed. If you believe that criminal damage has been caused to your vehicle/property you should immediately report this to the police.

6.7 While the OIAA and Vendors use reasonable precautions while operating the parking lots, the OIAA and Vendors do not post security or patrol the parking lots.

6.8 Vehicles must be parked, wholly, in the appropriate marked spots only. Additionally, vehicles must be parked in a manner so as not to cause any obstruction to other users or occupy more than one space.

6.9 You must comply with all directional signage and other instructions when in the parking lot.

6.10 The OIAA and Vendors reserve the right to refuse the admission of any vehicle to the parking lot for any reason whatsoever and may remove from the parking lot or move within the parking lot, any vehicle by whatever method we consider reasonable.

6.11 We reserve the right to move vehicles within the parking lot, by driving or otherwise, to such extent as is reasonably necessary for the purposes of safety to persons or property to avoid obstruction or for the more efficient arrangement of its parking facilities.

6.12 We additionally reserve the right, where the parking lot is to be closed either permanently or temporarily in whole or in part or is evacuated in cases of emergency, to remove any vehicle at any time to any other reasonably convenient car park within the control of the OIAA or otherwise as may be expedient.

6.13 No vehicle shall be towed into any lot at the Airport and no work on or cleaning of vehicles by users or their agents is permitted in any lot at the Airport.

6.14 No activity in connection with the selling, hiring or other disposal of vehicles shall be carried out in any lot at the Airport.


Damage Notification and Complaints Procedure

7.1 OIAA and its contractors and subcontractors do not accept liability for any damage to your vehicle (whether caused accidentally or by way of vandalism) while the vehicle is parked in any parking lot at the Airport.

7.2 If you wish to submit a complaint about the service that you received, please use our online feedback process, detailed within paragraph 1.11 above.

7.3 If you damage another customer’s vehicle you should report the matter to us giving the license plate numbers of both vehicles. You must also notify the owner of the other vehicle by leaving a note on the windshields of their vehicle providing your vehicle and contact details and any other details that are relevant to the incident and/or that are required by law.


Disposal of Abandoned Vehicles

8.1 If you fail to collect your vehicle after the date which you have specified for exit in the booking, we may deem the vehicle to have been abandoned in the absence of a written notification to us specifying the following:

  • the vehicle license plate number;
  • its approximate location within the lot; and
  • the reason for the delay in return plus details of the expected (revised) return date.

8.2 The OIAA reserves the right to engage and/or permit a lawful authority to remove (or to take steps to remove) vehicle as may be allowed by law.

8.3 Before removing your vehicle, we will refer the matter to the appropriate authorities, which may include the local, police department.


Parking Contraventions

9.1 In using the lot, you agree to abide by any additional terms that may be displayed in or around the parking lot. If on entry to the lot you are not willing to abide by the additional terms, then please leave the parking lot immediately.

9.2 It is important to abide by the management of the lot as listed below:

  • that you do not park within a spot designated for a specific purpose when you are not entitled to do so (e.g., parking in a handicapped space without an appropriate disability badge displayed);
  • that you park within a marked spot;
  • that you comply with all signs in the lot.

9.3 The following are not permitted in our parking lots, and we reserve the right to refuse to allow you to use the parking lot if you carry out any of these activities in our parking lots:

  • conducting any service work, cleaning or repairs to your vehicle;
  • carrying out any business activity, including but not limited to in connection with selling, hiring or other disposal of your vehicle;
  • filling or emptying of fuel tanks;
  • misusing or damaging any part of the parking lot;
  • parking outside of a designated parking bays (appropriate to your vehicle) or otherwise as instructed by parking staff;
  • driving dangerously or too fast;
  • making unnecessary noise or nuisance, including playing music in a way that annoys other users of the lot or people living or working nearby;
  • filming or taking photographs;
  • cooking or lighting fires;
  • using the full facilities of a camper van, including but not limited to the toilet, bathroom and kitchen;
  • doing or attempting to do anything which is a criminal offense;
  • spending excessive time (as we may determine) in your vehicle in the car park. This includes sleeping in your vehicle.

9.4 The use of this lot may be regulated by traffic orders or laws under which a charge will be payable for failing to comply with these terms and conditions or the requirements of the relevant order or law.

9.5 If any parking lot equipment or property in the lot is damaged by you, your vehicle or the passengers in your vehicle, except where the damage is caused by negligence of the OIAA or Vendors, you will be responsible for any repair/replacement costs and associated administration costs.

9.6 If you park your vehicle either in a parking spot designated for a specific purpose when you are not entitled to do so (e.g., parking in a handicapped space without an appropriate disability badge displayed) or if you park outside of a marked spot, the OIAA and Vendors reserve the right to take immediate action including, but not limited to, towing your vehicle or issuing fines (or such other fines as set out on the terms and conditions on entry to the lot). We may require you to pay applicable fines upon exiting the lot or with third-party vendors. The OIAA or representatives may enter, move or tow away your vehicle for operational, safety or security reasons.

9.7 If you breach these terms and conditions and incur any additional charges, such as Overstay charges or charges for parking in the incorrect parking spot, we may use a third party to collect such charges from you where you do not pay such charges on leaving the parking lot. Our third party will send you a notice of any unpaid charges along with notice of how long you have to pay those charges and any administrative fees payable. If you do not pay the charges within the relevant timeframe, you will be issued with a further notice which will set out any further charges payable by you as result of your failure to pay. These charges will vary depending on what your initial charge is payable for. We recommend you carefully read any such notices setting out the charges and payment dates, discounts may be stated for prompt payment.


Shuttle Service

10.1 Please be aware that you need to leave an appropriate amount of time to reach the terminal building from the lot if you use any shuttle service from your vehicle. Estimated times (in normal traffic conditions) and the frequency of buses may be set out on, but in addition to this, you should ensure that you factor in enough time to find a space, retrieve your luggage, lock the vehicle and walk to the relevant location. The OIAA and Vendors do not accept responsibility if you miss your flight, or your airline check-in has closed because you have not left enough time to park and board your flight.

10.2 Where applicable, please ensure that you board the correct shuttle.

10.3 The estimated frequency of the shuttles and the estimated journey time to the terminal (in normal traffic conditions) may be set out on, but are not guaranteed.

10.4 Please ensure that you remember to take all your luggage and personal belongings off all shuttles when you arrive at your stop. The OIAA and Vendors do not accept responsibility for luggage or belongings left on shuttles, or if you miss your flight or your airline check-in has closed because you had to recover luggage or personal belongings which you left on any shuttle.

10.5 The OIAA and Vendors do not accept liability for increased duration of transfer times to or from any parking lot to the terminal building which are caused by exceptional traffic volumes, road works or accidents, mechanical breakdown or failure, adverse weather conditions or staff shortages (howsoever caused), or for any other reason.


Events Beyond the Airport's Control

11.1 The OIAA and Vendors do not accept liability for any failure to perform obligations due to an event beyond their reasonable control. A non-exhaustive list of such events includes war or threat of war, riots, civil or military disturbances, emergencies, work stoppages, accidents, terrorist threats or activity, industrial disputes, natural and nuclear disaster, acts of God, fire, flood, earthquakes or other casualties, adverse weather conditions, volcanic eruption or ash cloud, government regulations, closure or congestion of airports, and / or cancellation or changes of schedules by airlines.

11.2 Except as expressly stated in these Terms, the OIAA and Vendors shall not be obligated to either refund any pre-payment by you or make any other change to your booking if you wish to amend or cancel your booking due to an event of the kind listed in paragraph 11.1.


Our Liability to You

12.1 The OIAA is not exempt from responsibility for its own fraud, or willful injury to you or your property, or for any violation of law.

12.2 We do not accept liability for:

  • any indirect or consequential loss;
  • any loss of profit, loss of enjoyment, loss of revenue, loss of data, or loss of earnings;
  • damage to your vehicle (whether caused accidentally or by way of vandalism) while the vehicle is in the parking lot;
  • for theft of or from your vehicle unless you have entrusted the keys of the car to the Airport and then only provided that the keys have been used in order to carry out the theft or where such damage or theft is caused by the negligence of the Airport or its agents or employees, and then only to the extent that the Airport’s negligence has caused or contributed to the relevant damage or theft;
  • any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages that may result from the use of, or the inability to use, the websites.

12.3 You should be aware that it is impossible to exclude persons misbehaving from our parking lots and that we cannot, therefore, guarantee the security of your vehicle or its contents. Accordingly, the Airport, its employees and partners will not accept liability for any loss, destruction, theft of or from, removal of or damage to the vehicle.


Web Server Activity Logs

13.1 When using the websites, information may be collected and stored, including your address, email, credit card number, cardholder name, credit card expiration month and year, first and last name, mobile number, and vehicle license plate number. If you make a reservation online as a guest, the same information may be stored except your credit card number. The OIAA does not have direct access to your credit card information. When you provide credit card details to complete your online Reservation, you are authorizing an OIAA PCI-DSS compliant vendor to charge your credit card in the amount the quoted purchase price and to handle the transaction data.

13.2 Like most websites on the Internet, the websites may collect and store all the information that your Web browser sends when it requests a Web page including:

  • The name, domain and numerical address of the "host" computer (typically a computer belonging to your Internet Service Provider and not your personal computer) from which you access the Internet;
  • The date and time you accessed the website;
  • The Internet address of the Web page you came from;
  • The page you requested, and the amount of data sent to your computer; and
  • The information your Web browser sends to us, which typically identifies the browser software and may also indicate operating system and the type of CPU in your system.

13.3 The OIAA and Vendors may develop summary reports, or logs, from the information collected. These logs may be analyzed periodically in order to study site usage over time and to perform studies in order to improve the site's organization, performance and usefulness. The raw data used to develop these logs may be erased periodically as a part of routine system maintenance.


Electronic Mail

14.1 When you send OIAA or Vendors personal identifying information via E-mail, OIAA and Vendors use it to respond to your request. The OIAA may forward your E-mail to other OIAA employees or subcontractors who are better able to answer your question. The E-mail itself may be retained as may be required by California law and regulations governing the retention of public records.