Self-Identification Program for Travelers with Autism

About the Self-Identification Program for Travelers with Autism

The Ontario International Airport (ONT) Self-Identification Program for Travelers with Autism is the result of input received from parents of children with autism. This program came about because families with autism expressed a desire to have a way to identify loved ones with autism who might experience a breakdown at the airport.

Airport employees and police responders will be able to identify that an individual has autism and will be better prepared to mitigate or deescalate any issues. This program is completely free, completely voluntary, and a convenient way to let others at the airport know that you and your loved ones might need some additional time or help.

What Are the Benefits of Self-Identifying?

The program is intended to help put families at ease if their loved one with autism experiences a breakdown and to help reduce a family’s travel anxiety. Knowing that the airport and airlines care helps make the travel experience easy for everyone. Airport staff are encouraged to ask the caregiver the best way to assist them in calming the situation.

Meet ONT’s Autism Mark!


ONT held a contest in 2023 inviting members of the local autism community to submit their best original artwork for the design of ONT’s new official autism mark. This hand-drawn design by Erick Olea of the LeRoy Haynes Educational Center was chosen as a winner! We want this airport to be a welcoming environment for everyone, and this mark conveys that.

As for the stickers themselves, they aren’t your ordinary stickers! We chose to have this mark printed on what are known as sensory stickers, with a special textured material that provides sensory stimulation, energy regulation, and an increase in focus. This is especially helpful in an airport environment, and is particularly popular among those with autism, ADHD, anxiety, or other conditions. These stickers are a multi-purpose work of art!

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The program is intended to deescalate situations when a person with autism experiences a breakdown in the airport.

This is a ONT-specific program, so the stickers won’t be recognized anywhere else. We recommend contacting your airline or the airports you’ll be visiting to see what programs they have available.

No, it is absolutely free!

This program does not qualify you for TSA PreCheck, Global Entry, or any other expedited screening programs. The best option for security checkpoint assistance is through TSA Cares.

For additional questions about self-identifying at ONT, please contact ADA Coordinator, Larry Rolon, at [email protected]