Disability FAQs

The Air Carrier Access Act (14 CFR Part 382) is the set of regulations that sets minimum requirements that airlines must follow in providing services to passengers with disabilities.  In short, the ACAA is the civil rights act passed by Congress for air passengers in the United States.

No. There is no requirement for airports to provide wheelchair service for persons with disabilities. 

Ontario International Airport does not provide wheelchair assistance. However, airlines operating out of Ontario International Airport are required to provide wheelchair assistance for their customers with disabilities.

The airport does not provide wheelchair service or hire wheelchair assistants.  Airlines are responsible for providing wheelchair service for their customers.  Airlines either use their own employees or contract with companies that provide wheelchair assistance on behalf of the individual airlines. Hiring of wheelchair service companies is the responsibility of each airline that operates at the airport.

The ACAA places the responsibility for wheelchair service on each airline. At Ontario International Airport, each airline hires its own wheelchair service provider. Therefore, there may be more than one wheelchair company working in a terminal; with each wheelchair company representing different airlines.

The airport strongly encourages persons with disabilities to plan their trip early, and make wheelchair requests, and other disability requests early with their airline. It is advised that individuals with disabilities make their wheelchair request at the time they make their reservations. Most airline websites provide for easy special accommodation requests to be made online. If this is not available, call the airline’s reservation number to make the request.

Per federal regulations, wheelchair service requests are free. There is no charge for wheelchair services provided by your airline.

Yes. Airlines must assist passengers who are unable to carry their luggage because of a disability with transporting their gate-checked or carry-on luggage. An airline may request the credible verbal assurance that a passenger cannot carry the luggage in question.  If a passenger is unable to provide credible assurance, you may require the passenger to provide documentation as a condition of providing this service. 14 CFR 382.91(d)

If you are traveling on a single ticket you only have to make the initial request for wheelchair service. The wheelchair service request will follow you throughout your journey (from and to your original destination). If you have separate tickets with different airlines (not code share airlines) you will need to request wheelchair service with each airline.

If you have a disability and feel you may experience difficulty getting through security screening, you can request special screening from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). This service is free and is called TSA Cares, This free requires pre-scheduling. To arrange for special screening, call (855) 787-2227 at least three days prior to your scheduled departure date to arrange the screening. For more information go to TSA.gov.

No. Simply tell the attendant the type of assistance you need to get to the gate.