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Yes, all Ground Transportation providers conducting business at the airport by either picking up or dropping off passengers must have an ONT Ground Transportation permit. Ground Transportation providers include Hotels/ Motels, Limousines, Pre-arranged Door to Door Shuttles, Off Airport Parking Shuttles, Charter Buses, Schedule Buses, Transportation Network Companies, and Taxicab Operators.Passenger pick-ups and drop-offsPer Ontario Municipal Code Section 7-1. 202 - No person shall engage in any business or commercial activity on the airport without first having obtained the proper lease, license, or permit from the Board.

Yes, there is a single use permit. This permit is called a Trip Ticket. The Trip Ticket Program is intended for companies that do not operate regularly at the airport. The Trip Ticket Program also serves for those permitted companies that wish to use a vehicle that does not have a Ground Transportation Decal on an infrequent basis. For additional details and to obtain a Trip Ticket, please visit the Parking Concepts Inc. office at 525 S. Vineyard Ave. upon arrival at ONT and PRIOR to picking up a passenger.

  • Trip Tickets must be obtained by the company. The company must meet all the Airport requirements listed on the website. Individual drivers may not obtain Trip Tickets.
  • All ground transportation providers operating at the airport without an Ontario International Airport permit must obtain, in advance, a Trip Ticket for each vehicle to be used and must pay associated fees.
  • At this time, Trip Tickets do not have an expiration date. Each Trip Ticket is to be used on the designated date and time of the trip.

You may apply for a permit online. Ground Transportation Permit Application

The permit application will be filed under your name if a sole proprietor, the partner’s names if a partnership, a corporate name if a corporation, or members of a limited liability company (LLC).

Please allow 30 days for processing. If there are documents missing from the packet, the application will be deemed as incomplete and the permit will be mailed back to the company attached with a checklist of items that are missing from the application. The company will need to resubmit all documents when ready to reapply for the permit.

All commercial ground transportation providers must obtain an Airport permit prior to providing services at the Airport. In conjunction with the above, all commercial ground transportation providers operating at the Airport are subject to fees established within the program. Companies operating without the necessary permits are subject to citations, fines and other corrective action. For more information, please contact the Ground Transportation Department at 909-544-5306 or [email protected]

Currently, Ontario International Airport does not have AVI readers. An Automated Vehicle Identifier (AVI), otherwise referred to as a transponder, contains a small computer chip that records all the trips you make into and out of the Airport.

Ground Transportation Office visits are by appointment only. We do not accept walk-ins. All Ground Transportation inquiries should be sent by email to [email protected] and you will receive a response within 24-48 hours, Monday through Friday. Emails received on weekends or Holidays will be responded to upon the next business day. To book your appointment click here. Please book your appointment under, Ground Transportation.

Ontario International Airport - Administration Building

1923 E Avion St, Ontario, CA 91761

If the company changes ownership or ownership status (i.e. sole proprietorship to a corporation or LLC). The company will need to close-out the current permit and reapply for a new permit under the new corporate or LLC name.Please note that the permit is non-transferrable. If ownership of the company changes, the new owner must obtain a new permit prior to operating at the Airport. Similarly, if the corporate status of the company changes (e.g. by adding or changing LLC, Inc., etc.) a new permit must be obtained prior to operating or continuing to conduct business at the airport.

It is the responsibility of the company to notify the Ground Transportation Office of any changes or updates with regards to your airport permit. The office is not responsible for undeliverable mail or communications not received. To make company changes, please email [email protected].If your company has a name change the company will need to close-out the current permit and reapply for a new permit under the new company name. The ONT Ground Transportation Permit application can be found here.

Please email [email protected].