New Company Enrollment

Enrollment Form

Ontario International Airport Authority (OIAA) requires all organizations conducting business at Ontario International Airport (ONT) to apply for and maintain the appropriate permit, agreement, or lease with the Authority. This process is pivotal to an organization’s ability to operate at Ontario International Airport and to operate with any of the numerous partners who have already gone through this process.

To initiate badging and to operate on airport property, the organization must provide and submit relevant information in the form on this page.

This information will be passed on to the appropriate OIAA department to be reviewed and verified. Once the organization’s request to conduct business at ONT is approved, the organization will be contacted regarding the next steps.

These next steps include the development of a formal permit, agreement, or lease with the OIAA, a request for proof of insurance by the risk management department, and notification of clearance to commence the badging process.