Commissioner Stipends

Appointed Positions on the OIAA Commission and Current Office Holders (Commissioners) are:

  • President – Alan Wapner; no term.
  • Vice President – Ronald Loveridge; no term.
  • Secretary – Jim Bowman; no term.
  • Commissioner – Curt Hagman; no term.
  • Commissioner - Julia Gouw; no term.

No alternates for the positions stated above have been appointed.

Commissioner Stipends:

Under OIAA’s approved Bylaws at Article IV, Section 6, each Commissioner, regardless of position, will receive a stipend in the amount of one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) for attendance at each Commission meeting, standing committee meeting, ad hoc committee meeting, and any Authority-related business function. A maximum of six (6) stipends are permitted per month. An additional two (2) stipends are permitted with prior approval of the President. More than eight (8) stipends per month will require approval by the full Commission.