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Disabled parking is available in all parking lots. Click here for more information on parking.

For information on shuttle bus accommodations, click here.

Curb Cuts

Curb Cuts are provided from street to sidewalk level in front of the terminals. 


Elevators are located on the first (baggage claim area) and second floors (screening area) of terminals 2 and 4.

When terminal elevators are out of service

Terminal elevators are available for persons with disabilities.

The airport regularly inspects elevators to ensure they are operating correctly and meet California state regulations. Unfortunately, like all other mechanic equipment, elevators have to periodically be taken out of service for maintenance or repairs. When this happens, the elevator may be out of service for several days. In such an event, please follow posted signage to obtain assistance to your flight, or to the baggage claim level.

Persons with disabilities who cannot use an escalator or stairs should immediately notify their airline ticket counter agent if they are in the first floor ticketing area. Your airline can provide alternative means of getting you to the departure level screening area.

If you are on the second floor departures level and cannot use the stairs or escalator, notify a wheelchair attendant or airline representative. They will provide alternative means of getting you to the first floor arrivals level.

As a reminder, this information is also posted on the door of an elevator that is out of service.


Wheelchair accessible restrooms are located in all terminals and floors. Each terminal has an accessible unisex restroom in the arrivals level, past the elevator.

Requesting Wheelchairs

To request wheelchair service, it is recommended you contact your airline 72 hours in advance. Wheelchair service is provide free of charge by your airline. Tipping is not required for wheelchair service.

Most individuals requesting wheelchair assistance are transported via wheelchair from ticketing to their aircraft. Airlines are required to provide curbside wheelchair service when requested. On your return flight, you should remind a flight attendant near the end of your flight, that you will need a wheelchair upon arrival.

If you failed to request wheelchair service prior to arriving at the airport, you may ask the airline representative at the ticket counter for wheelchair service. Keep in mind that requesting wheelchair service at the last minute, may result in a delay in providing you with a wheelchair. Priority is generally given to those who reserved wheelchair service ahead of time.

Service Animal Relief Areas

Service animal relief areas are conveniently located outside, at the east end of each terminal. Relief areas are provided with fresh water, disposable bags and trash cans for convenient clean-up after your service animal relieves itself. Service animal relief areas are also located on the departure level of each terminal. 


Food and beverage concessions are wheelchair-accessible. These facilities provide easy access to food service and check-out counters, and ample space to dine while in wheelchairs.

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