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Ground Transportation Permit Services

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Charter Party Carrier Permit Program

More than 220 companies are authorized to operate at ONT. All charter party carriers that conduct business at ONT (i.e. pick-up passengers) are required to have a current executed license agreement with the Department of Airports.

New Applications

Annual License Agreement Review and Permit Decal Renewal

Current TCP companies who have purchased annual decals will be notified by mail of their scheduled review and 2015/2016 decal renewal.

Once documents are received and processed, the Permits staff will phone to schedule an appointment for vehicle inspection and decal application.

Each company must adhere to the review instructions and maintain all License Agreement requirements (i.e. insurance requirements) to receive the vehicle permits. Operating with expired decals may result in driver citation, vehicle impound, and/or permanent revocation of the Non-Exclusive License Agreement. Failure to complete this process by the due date will result in the company being subject to suspension of operating privileges at ONT.

Note: It is the responsibility of the company to notify Landside Operations of any changes in contact information. The office is not responsible for undeliverable mail or communications.

Please contact the ONT Ground Transportation Permits Office at (909) 544-5306 with any questions.

Operating with an expired decal is a violation of the ONT Airport Ground Transportation Rules and Regulations and subject to citation and vehicle impound.

Violation of ONT Airport Ground Transportation Rules and Regulations may result in citation and vehicle impound.

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