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Michelle Brantley, Chief Planning Officer. Michelle Brantley has over twenty years of airport experience including over fifteen years in various capacities related to airport capital programs.

She leads a multi-disciplinary group of planning, business and engineering professionals to develop and implement a comprehensive on-going capital planning and delivery program. Her team prioritizes and delivers capital development projects and improvements – including capacity, modernization, and asset renewal and replacement – to meet future demand and maintain operational continuity in a balanced program. She advocates for airport-related business and tenant development to promote economic vitality at the airport and in the region. By establishing a collaborative approach to support the need for planning and programming across all OIAA departments and stakeholders, Michelle ensures the Capital Improvement Program considers fiscal responsibility and operational efficiency, while bolstering a competitive, safe, and secure environment at the Ontario International Airport. She joined ONT in May of 2019. Previously, Michelle was Senior Development Manager at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Michelle earned her bachelor’s degree, from the University of Washington, in Urban Studies her master’s in management and leadership from Western Governors University. Additionally, she is a certified member (CM) of the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE).

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