ONT Courtesy Shuttle

Ontario International Airport provides free courtesy shuttle that transports visitors between the passenger terminals, parking lot 5 and the Consolidated Rental Car Facility (ConRAC). All shuttles are wheelchair accessible.

ONT Courtesy Shuttle Hours of Operation

Shuttle Route  Service Days Service Hours
Parking Lot 5 7 Days a Week 24 hours
ConRac  Monday - Saturday 3am to 1am (22 hours/day)
Sunday 3am to 12am (21 hours/day)
Terminal Connector 7 Days a Week 5am to 12 pm
6pm to 10pm

Shuttle Frequency

The courtesy shuttles run every 5-20 minutes, with shuttles departing less frequently between 12am (midnight) and 3am due to reduced flight activity.

Please account for additional travel time when using the airport courtesy shuttles