Airport Engineering

Mission Statement:

Facilities Engineering is dedicated to promoting the development and management of safe, efficient, and state-of-the-art airport facilities through the use of progressive, innovative, and adaptive engineering methods, technical standards, and computer applications and systems.

Service Committment:

We are committed to being highly responsive, professional, and quality-focused as we provide comprehensive engineering, mapping and Geographic Information Systems services in support of the technical requirements and expectations of the Airlines, Fixed Base Operators and Cargo Tenants, Concessionaires, Divisions and Stakeholders, the community, and the Travelling Public.

Areas of Responsibility:

Facilities Engineering is responsible for technical ownership and management of all facilities and assets. We provide technical support services for the entire department and represent engineering and technical experts in Civil, Electrical, Structural, and Mechanical engineering disciplines, as well as CAD/Mapping, Geographic Information Systems, Surveying, Engineering Design Standards, airfield paving, airfield and roadway striping, lighting, aircraft and vehicular parking, FAA standards and Code Compliance.

Key Programs and Initiatives:

Key programs and initiatives include Airport Pavement Management and Design, Facilities and Asset Management Implementation, Geographic Information Systems, and Design and Construction Standards Development.